How We Do It

We conducted reasearch to determine the best channels for your marketing campaign and create content that boosts brand awareness, generates leads, and helps you see the highest possible ROI. We’ll discuss your company's goals and target customers, then develop a strategy to reach those goals.

The Path


We begin by discovering who your company is, what makes them unique, and what will work best for each platform and campaign. This includes researching your current clients, your competition, industry standards then implementing best practices. We speak with you about your company’s general and digital goals, then set specific benchmarks and KPIs to reflect these conversations.

Next is content creation. We curate every post to be unique to your company, and include optimization for the platform. We measure the success of our content using various online tools (Google Analytics, Meta Analytics, ect) and keep a specific eye out for metrics that relate to your goals. This allows us to see what's working in real time, and what needs to be adjusted.

As we continue our journey together, we will communicate changes, make updates and adjust with the trends to ensure you’re getting the most out of your digital marketing plan. We provide monthly analytics to all our customers so you can see how your assets are performing.

With the ever-changing digital landscape, standing out is crucial for people to notice what you have going on. There's no better way than working with professionals that know how it all works; WITSTUDIO can help make sure all your digital assets represent who you are as a brand and help you cut through all the noise.

Contact Discovery Set Goals Create Content Strategize Launch Analyse Manage


In the digital age, marketing online is the best way to reach your target audience. WITSTUDIO works with you to create effective content and build a strategy to achieve your goals. This includes custom branding, website design, social media content and more.



Advertising to the right people in the right places turns prospects into customers. WITSTUDIO is a dynamic team of designers, marketers, and SEO specialists that design eye catching content to attract your ideal customer.

Asset Management


WITSTUDIO offers continuous marketing and website monitoring, management and maintenance to capitalize on current trends and technologies. It’s important to constantly engage your customers and prospects.

“We enable businesses to thrive online.”