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At Witstudio, we are excited to have partnered with Cohen Highley, a distinguished law firm, in enhancing their online presence. This project encompasses a comprehensive web development and marketing strategy aimed at modernizing their website, optimizing content, and boosting their digital footprint.

Cohen Highley, with a legacy of legal excellence, is a renowned law firm known for its expertise in diverse fields of practice. Committed to providing exceptional legal services, they sought our expertise to align their digital presence with their sterling reputation.


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Creative Process

Our challenge was to transform Cohen Highley’s website into a modern, user-friendly platform that not only reflects their legal expertise but also engages and informs visitors effectively. We aimed to boost their online visibility through strategic digital marketing while ensuring a secure and reliable hosting environment.

Our Approach

At Witstudio, our approach to website development for Cohen Highley LLP  was founded on comprehensive research, collaborative creativity, cutting-edge design, and engaging content creation. We focused on understanding the nuances of the industry to create a user-friendly, visually appealing, and informative platform.

Understanding Legal Excellence

Our journey commenced with a thorough understanding of Cohen Highley’s esteemed history, practice areas, and client expectations. We delved into their core values to ensure our enhancements aligned seamlessly.

Content Optimization

Our team worked diligently to optimize the website’s content, improve its search engine visibility, and align it with industry best practices.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Our ongoing maintenance services (WITStudio Maintain – Bronze) include weekly ad checks, keyword updates, and monthly analytical reports to ensure continued digital success.

Design and Development

Our focus shifted to crafting a visually engaging, responsive, and intuitive website. Modernizing the design, optimizing content, and enhancing user experience were paramount.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our marketing experts devised a robust strategy that included Google Ads setup, in-depth research, copywriting, and SEO optimization to expand Cohen Highley’s online reach.

Secure Hosting

We implemented secure managed hosting, providing monthly updates, enhanced security measures, and daily backups to safeguard their digital assets.

Key Features

Our services boast a range of key features designed to empower our clients. From modern web development to data-driven marketing strategies, we offer comprehensive solutions that drive success. With a client-centric approach and a commitment to excellence, we ensure your digital journey is both rewarding and effective.


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Responsive Design

Creative Idea

Member Resources

The website offers an exclusive members’ area, providing growers with access to a wealth of resources, including market trends, best practices, and regulatory updates.

Industry Insights

A dedicated blog section offers insights into industry trends, sustainability efforts, and success stories from growers across Canada.

Events and Networking

The platform facilitates networking and collaboration through an events calendar, enabling members to connect, share knowledge, and foster industry growth.

Results and Impact

Cohen Highley’s enhanced website now reflects their commitment to excellence. It serves as a comprehensive legal resource while expanding their digital reach. Our marketing efforts have bolstered their online presence, resulting in increased visibility and engagement.

At Witstudio, we’re passionate about crafting digital solutions that make a real impact. Our recent collaboration with Cohen Highley, a distinguished law firm, has exemplified the transformative power of a well-executed website development project.

Elevating Online Visibility

 Through a comprehensive strategy involving the creation of 177 pages, 183 post pages, and meticulous SEO optimization of 5670 organic keywords, we’ve catapulted Cohen Highley to the forefront of the digital landscape. Their enhanced online presence has turned the spotlight on their legal expertise. With improved search rankings, the firm is now reaching a broader audience of potential clients actively seeking legal assistance. The numbers don’t lie – organic traffic, inquiries, and leads are all on the rise.

SEO Mastery for Legal Authority

Our SEO wizards went to work, strategically positioning Cohen Highley as a legal authority. By optimizing the website for a multitude of keywords, we’ve ensured their content ranks prominently in relevant search results. High search rankings have not only attracted more visitors but have also established Cohen Highley’s dominance in specific legal niches. This authoritative stance is invaluable in today’s digital age, where trust and credibility are paramount.

User-Centric Excellence:

Our user-focused approach shines through in the new website’s design and intuitive navigation. We’ve made it easier than ever for visitors to access legal resources, engage with content, and get to know the firm. With reduced bounce rates, extended session durations, and heightened user engagement, the website is now a conversion powerhouse. Visitors are transformed into satisfied clients, and that’s the hallmark of a user experience done right.

The numbers

Our results speak volumes about our dedication to delivering impactful digital solutions. We turn data into insights and insights into success.

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Other Recent Works

At Witstudio, we’re dedicated to empowering industries through innovative digital solutions. If you have a project in mind, contact us today to see how we can bring your vision to life.

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