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Witstudio is proud to showcase our collaboration with Jills Junk Removal, where we utilized our digital marketing and web design expertise to create a dynamic website, engaging social media and successful ad campaigns. This project reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality digital solutions.


Social Media Management
Online Advertising
Website Design
Asset Maintenance
SEO Development
Content Creation


Sean Cavanaugh
Youssef Sadaki
Kristina Esposito


Website Design

Our goal was to design a modern, responsive website for Jill’s Junk Removal that not only facilitates easy junk removal services but also educates users about eco-friendly disposal practices.

Our Approach

At Witstudio, our approach to website development for the Jill’s Junk Removal was founded on comprehensive research, collaborative ideation, cutting-edge design, and engaging content creation. We focused on understanding the nuances of the industry to create a user-friendly, visually appealing, and informative platform.

Understanding the Industry

Our journey commenced with a thorough understanding of Jill’s Junk Removal’s esteemed history, diversity of services, and client expectations. We delved into their core values to ensure our enhancements aligned seamlessly.


Our team worked diligently to optimize the website’s content, improve its search engine visibility, and align it with industry best practices.


Our ongoing maintenance services (WITStudio Maintain – Bronze) include weekly ad checks, keyword updates, and monthly analytical reports to ensure continued digital success.

Design & Development

Our focus shifted to crafting a visually engaging, responsive, and intuitive website. Modernizing the design, optimizing content, and enhancing user experience were paramount.


Our marketing experts devised a robust strategy that included Google Ads setup, in-depth research, copywriting, and SEO optimization to expand Jill’s Junk Removal’s online reach.


We implemented secure managed hosting, providing monthly updates, enhanced security measures, and daily backups to safeguard their digital assets.

The numbers

Our results speak volumes about our dedication to delivering impactful digital solutions. We turn data into insights and insights into success.


Organic search increase


Engaged Sessions increase


New Users Increase

Key Features

The website for Jill’s Junk Removal, designed by Witstudio, is a comprehensive platform that combines aesthetics, functionality, and user-friendly features. Here’s an in-depth look at the key features of the website.

Ease of Navigation and Booking

The website is designed to allow users to effortlessly browse through various junk removal services. The clear categorization helps users quickly find the service they need. Moreover, the online booking system is straightforward, enabling appointments to be scheduled with just a few clicks.

Customer Reviews

The website adjusts well to various screen sizes, ensuring a good experience on desktops, tablets, and smartphones alike. The website’s user experience is complemented by the presence of live Google reviews, which help potential clients make informed decisions by reading about others’ experiences and allows returning customers to leave their own Google review.


A regularly updated blog provides insights into the junk removal industry, DIY tips for home organization, and updates on green practices. This feature drives organic traffic to the website while offering valuable content to visitors.

Jill's Junk Page 7
Jill's Junk Page 6


The website has significantly enhanced Jill’s Junk Removal’s online presence, drawing in more customers and effectively communicating their commitment to care and sustainability.


Customer testimonials and case studies have helped build trust with potential customers, showcasing the reliability and effectiveness of Jill’s services.


Social media integration has facilitated greater interaction between the brand and its audience, enhancing customer loyalty and encouraging community engagement.


Jill's Junk Removal page 4
Jill's Junk Removal page 6
Jill's Junk Removal page 5

Social Media Management

Our aim was to enhance Jill’s Junk Removal’s social media presence, making it a go-to resource for eco-friendly junk removal practices. We focused on creating engaging, educational content that highlights their services and commitment environmental sustainability.

Our Approach

At Witstudio, we tailored our social media strategies specifically for Jill’s Junk Removal based on thorough research into their market and audience needs. This involved collaborative brainstorming and innovative content strategies to engage their audience effectively.

Understanding the Industry

We started by gaining an in-depth understanding of the junk removal industry, Jill’s history, and what their customers value most. This knowledge allowed us to create content that resonates deeply with their audience.


Our team meticulously crafted and optimized content to enhance engagement on various social media platforms, ensuring it aligned with best practices and drove visibility.


We regularly monitor the social media impact through analytics, adjust strategies as needed, and ensure the content remains fresh and relevant.

Creative and Engaging Content Development

We focus on developing creative, visually appealing content that captures attention and communicates Jill’s message clearly.


We implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including targeted advertising and community engagement tactics to broaden their social reach and deepen customer relationships.

Secure and Efficient Management

Our management services ensure that all social media interactions are secure, protecting both the brand and its followers.


Jill's Junk Removal page 8
Jill's Junk Removal page 8
Jill's Junk Removal page 7

Online Advertising

Our objective was to drive Jill’s Junk Removal’s online advertising campaigns, focusing on Google Ads and Meta Ads to promote their eco-friendly services and commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our Approach

Leveraging deep industry insights, Witstudio customized Jill’s advertising strategies to target specific demographics interested in sustainable junk removal solutions. This included a blend of keyword optimization and audience targeting to maximize ad performance.

Understanding the Industry

By understanding the nuances of the junk removal market and Jill’s brand ethos, we tailored ads that resonate with users looking for environmentally responsible options.


Our team optimized ad content for high performance, ensuring it adheres to platform guidelines while engaging potential customers effectively.


We continually monitor campaign performance, making data-driven adjustments to strategies and maintaining optimal ad freshness and relevance.

Creative and Engaging Ad Content

Our focus was on creating compelling, eye-catching ad content that effectively communicates Jill’s value proposition and differentiates their services in a competitive market.


We implemented a robust digital marketing strategy that included meticulous planning of ad placements, budget allocation, and ongoing optimization to enhance reach and conversion rates.

Secure and Efficient Management

Ensuring the security and efficiency of our ad management processes, we protect Jill’s brand integrity while fostering trust with their audience.

The numbers

Our results speak volumes about our dedication to delivering impactful Google and Meta Ads. We turn data into insights and insights into success.



Actual ROAS


Engagements increase

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